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Park and Play Program

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PARK and PLAY Program: Making our Course Social Distance Ready

We’ve adopted the “Park & Play” program created by the NGCOA to help golf courses operate safely. The measures created by the National Golf Course Owners’ Association (NGCOA) “Park & Play” program align with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) “social distancing” and sanitation practices and have been reviewed and approved by a physician at the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

Here are the steps we’ve taken in conjunction with NGCOA recommendations:

  • We encourage golfers to pay in advance over the phone with a credit card, or book online, show up to a pre-positioned sanitized cart, and proceed to the first tee without personal contact.
  • Signage is located on carts, outside the pro-shop, and clubhouse entries briefly outlining the social distancing guidelines in place.
  • Signage is located on carts and around the clubhouse with a phone number to call in food orders. Credit cards are required for all food orders.
  • Pre-order “take-out” or “to go” food service only. Cart-to-cart delivery is also available.
  • Tee time intervals have been increased to help spread players out on the course. Only one person per golf car is permitted.
  • Players should leave the pin in the cup at all times. We have also inverted the cups which raises the cup up an inch above the green surface. Local rules have been adjusted so it counts when the ball hits the cup.
  • “Gimmies” are encouraged!
  • All social distance and gathering limits established by local and state authorities will be strictly enforced. We have marshals on the course at all times enforcing these policies.
  • Ball washing stations and trash cans have been removed from the golf course.
  • Rakes have been removed from the course and these areas will be temporarily played as non-hazards. A local rule is now in place that permits placing your golf ball in the bunker.
  • Practice range stations have been separated further to protect customers.
  • Water stations have been removed from the course and bottled water will be provided at no charge.
  • Scorecard, pencil, and tee holders have been removed from the starter area and will only be issued upon request.
  • After play, golfers are asked to go directly to their carts and park them in designated areas. Customers are asked to personally dispose of any trash they may have in the nearby receptacles.
  • Golfers are asked to leave the golf course immediately after playing to eliminate congestion/ gathering on the property or in the parking lot.

Preparing Our Facility

  • Walk-up tee times have been eliminated and all tee times must be made in advance.
  • We have increased the frequency of routine cleaning, sanitization and disinfection of all locations, especially all common and high traffic areas, and frequently touched surfaces.
  • We have increased the number of hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility.
  • We have increased the frequency of HVAC system filter changing, and scheduled more frequent cleaning of the system.
  • Rental clubs are not offered during this period.
  • We removed all non-essential devices from the range, such as bag stands or den caddies. Balls are placed on the range for access using a club.
  • The pro shop is closed to the public and items may be requested on the first tee.
  • The restaurant and clubhouse are closed and all take-out orders will be delivered to your vehicle in front on the clubhouse or delivered via golf cart to you on the course. 
  • Golf carts are properly sanitized prior to issuing to customers.
  • Only approved antimicrobial products are used for all sanitation procedures. 

Preparing Our Staff

Our staff are being trained on hygiene, sanitation and food handling to learn about epidemic prevention and control. Our staff is trained to recognize the symptoms of COVID-19 and know how to act responsibly if they detect or exhibit symptoms. Our staff is equipped with protective face masks and gloves. We are asking golfers and staff to replace handshakes with other touch-less forms of greeting.
A special thanks to Jay Karen, Ronnie Miles and the team at the NGCOA for putting this program together and advocating for the game and the industry.